About us

Hi. I'm Andrew from Guangzhou and grew up with grandma's Baozi and dumpling from Shandong. Living in the bay area, I've met hundreds of local snacks, because some sorts of reasons can't enter the restaurant. So we want our future generations inheritance a variety of domestic private chef skills and bring to the American people .The taste of the so-called hometown, can not do without the taste of home. In addition to finding authentic food, we will guide the chef to use the selected ingredients and managed food carefully, which is also an important part of family food heritage.

About SFMeal

SFMeal is a private kitchens sharing platform. Through it chef can share their cuisine at our licensed commercial kitchen or licensed home kitchen. This is the taste of a home, but also the taste of mom and dad or grandpa and grandma.SFMeal commits to handle all process from chef’s home to your home, all you have to do is preparing food and enjoying the food.

About Kitchen

Our kitchen locates at Daly City which is the gateway of the Peninsula and has very easily access to 280 and highway 1. As a commercial share kitchen, it has large preparation area, state-proved facilities and clean environment. The most important is safety, all chefs are required to purchase insurance and obtain food handler's permit.


Help list

1. How to order?

你可以通过邮箱或Facebook,Google+来注册成为吃货 (如何注册?) , 然后只需填写个人资料 (如何填写?) 就可以开始选取或预定你喜欢吃的东西了。

点击进入选定好的菜单, 在对应的菜式中选取数量 (如何选取?) , 然后点击'去结账'按钮, 接着选择希望的取货方式(自取或送餐), '自取'选项可能会有多个自取时间和地点, '送餐'选项需要输入您的地址和联系电话。

初次下订单我们会要求你添加您的支付信息, 在选择取货方式下方添加您的信用卡信息。

查看您的订单数量和金额(加税)是否正确, 然后付款下单!

2. How to pick up order?

您可以在登录后点击右上角个人头像 -> 吃货订单 查看您下的订单 (查看订单?)。

订单准备好后您会收到通知(邮箱和短信), 选择送餐的吃货会收到您的订单已在路上的通知, 只需留意手机并等待美食就可以啦 (联系司机?)

选择自取的吃货会在15分钟前收到即点订单的自取通知, 或1小时及1天前收到预定订单自取通知 (菜单类型?)。


3. How to Register/Login

您可以在网页右上角点击"注册" -> "邮箱注册", 填写姓名、邮箱、密码、电话和生日, 请记住您的邮箱和密码以用于登录。

您也可以选择用Facebook或Google+进行登录, 注意无法使用相同的邮箱重复注册 (可能您社交账号的邮箱已经被注册了)。

点击网页右上角"登录"按钮, 输入您之前注册的邮箱和密码进行登录, 或者使用社交账号直接登录 (无需注册)。

4. Update Information

您可以在登录后点击右上角个人头像 -> 修改个人资料 上传个人头像, 填写姓名、个人简介、手机(获取订单提醒),邮编和生日。

名字采用实名制, 只能输入英文字母, 中文则输入拼音字母。(我们绝不会公开展示您的全名!)


5. Select Dishes

您可以在菜单页里菜式图片下进行点餐或取消点餐, 点击"点一份"增加一份, 点击"-"减少一份, 在结账窗口也可以查看和修改您的订单数量。

注意:如果该菜式已卖完, 则会在结账窗口提示已售罄, 您将无法增加该菜式的订单数量。

5. Manage Orders

您可以在登陆后点击右上角个人头像 -> 吃货订单查看您的订单。订单分为两种, 你可以在订单栏中切换即点订单和预定订单。

在"所有订单"可以查看包括历史和正在进行中的订单, 你也可以根据订单的不同状态查看。

"待确认": 正在等待您或者厨师确认的订单(订单申请调整/取消中), 调整/取消订单是可以双向的。

"待煮": 还未截止预定的预定订单, 您可以直接调整/取消订单。

"烹饪中": 正在准备中的订单, 您可以申请调整/取消订单。

"等自取/送餐中": 已经准备好的订单, 您可以查看自取地址和厨师/联系人联系电话。

"待评价": 成功收货还未评价的订单, 您可以评价你点的菜式。

6. Contact Drivers

在吃货订单中找到您下的订单 (查看订单?)

点击"交易操作"栏中的"联系厨师", 您会看到厨房名和联系电话。

7. How to apply for chef?

登录 (如何注册?) 后点击顶部"我做私房菜"按钮, 根据流程完成厨师申请。

请准备好您的ID证件, 手机号, 厨房地址, 收款银行, 社会安全号等资料(仅将用于联系用途以及收款账号的设立)。

申请过程中您将创建菜式和菜单以供我们审查, 请准备好真实, 同等份量的菜式图片和填写菜式名/价钱/份量。

8. How to register and get $10 off your first order?

9. How to save website to screen?

The cancellation and refund policy









Trust and Safe

1. Who can apply to be chef?

There are a heart of love to cook, a place called home and a spacious kitchen!

2. Chef Verification

We will guide you through the process of applying for licenses, inspecting your kitchen and equipments. (如何获取?)

We will verify your new dishes in 24-48 hours, dish must be real, safe and reasonable.

Foodies will rate their orders, leave a review based on their experiences. If your score go down really badly, we will pause your meal and investigate

3. Chef code of conduct

Abide by the food industry standards, produce safe food, operate in good faith, and have a standardization process.

Accept opinions and suggestions of foodie actively, take effective measures to improve and deal with the feedback problems in time.

Chefs should carefully select ingredients and can not only use price as the standard to use ingredients. They should like to entertain our big foodie family as entertain their family.

Be a reliable chef must guarantee the users' privacy and treat fair and sincere to any guests, Besides you should not be trade outside SFMeal system. Please refer to detailed standards. Trust and Safe